Benefits of vegetables:

  • Low in calories: some vegetables have “negative calories,” ie. it takes more calories to digest them than are actually in them. Be wary that some vegetables, such as carrots, are higher in carbs. See a list of low and high carb vegetables here.
  • High in fiber: keep you fuller for longer and promote good bowel movements.
  • High in various vitamins and nutrients

Read more about vegetables and their benefits here :)

How to get more veggies in your diet:

  1. Salads: Don’t like salads? Mix fruit to add sweetness and body to your salad. (It might sound weird to some, but it tastes great!) For dressings, stay away from dressings high in calories and fat, like ranch. Vinaigrettes and oils tend to be healthier.
  2. Make “green” smoothies: mix vegetables and fruits to create yummy, non-‘healthy’-tasting smoothies! Try Iowa Girl Eats’ Green Monster Spinach Smoothie.
  3. The power of SPINACH!: Spinach is great because it mixes so well into meals and it tastes great (well, to me it does!) You can mix it into rice, pastas, meat sauce, pizza, omelets, anything really. 
    * A really easy way of getting fiber into leftover meals is to put a bunch of spinach underneath the food and then microwave it. Instant cooked spinach!
  4. Add fresh vegetables to your meals: Mix the veggies in with each bite, to mask the taste. If you don’t like vegetables, this will help you become more accustomed to eating them and getting used to the taste.
  5. Season and cook your veggies. Add your favorite seasonings to vegetables and steam/grill/bake them.
  6. Make veggies a greater portion of your meals. Load up on the lettuce and tomatoes in your sandwiches. 
*Note: Vegetables are best eaten fresh. When you cook vegetables, it denatures the nutrients in them (they’re still a good source of fiber though).

Check out Eatmoreof for more tips on getting healthy foods into your diet.

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