Thank you <3 (and new post!)

Thank you <3: Short update! Thank you sooooo much everyone for the notes on my "Eat more…" gif collection T_T <3 I didn’t expect to get so many notes, but it really made my day and was so encouraging.

New “Protein” GIF post!: I noticed a lot of people asking why protein was wasn’t included among those GIFs. That post was just a collection of previous GIFs I has made. It wasn’t a suggested diet or anything. I just had not gotten around to making a protein one yet :) I totally agree that protein is important! Especially for me since I’ve been strength training so much lately (more about my current training/diet here). You guys really inspired me, so I made a "Eat more Protein" post here! :) I hope you find it helpful!

PS. new post on strength training (especially for girls) and what I think is the secret to very effective weight loss coming soon :)

omg…how did this post get so many notes so quickly all of a sudden? thank you so much everyone ><