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Dedicating the day to abs

Today I decided to dedicate my workout to abs. I found that doing these 2 videos, 2-3 times was really effective. Sometimes doing ab workouts hurts my back, neck, or other parts of my body more than they work my abs. These workouts didn’t do that though. I felt them working my abs the whole time. New favorites! Enjoy :) 

POP Pilates: Intense Ab Workout! 10 Minutes:

Blogilates: 1 Minute AB Challenge with Valerie Waters:

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a little about me + coming soon!

About my current lifestyle changes:

I started doing the LiveFit Trainer program about 3 weeks ago (inspired by my biggest fitness role model, MC Barao, who did it herself). This includes lifting everyday and eating clean (cardio is added later on in the program). For me, this means basically eating food as whole and natural as possible and trying to choose lean protein over carb-y foods. 

I made the mistake of believing that running and cutting back on my intake alone would help me lose body fat and keep it off. This CAN work, but imo building muscle by lifting is so much more effective (6 years of on-off cutting back on intake, plus running, never really stuck or worked—which is why I am here now). Building muscle speeds up your metabolism and will help you get rid of unhealthy fat (more on this in upcoming posts!) 

So far I’ve been loving this program. It feels great to be making my body healthier and stronger everyday! The change may seem huge (and daunting) at first, but you’ll gradually get used to working out and eating more and more clean/healthy. In fact, your overall well-being will improve and you’ll learn to truly love and appreciate this lifestyle.

What I have in store for future posts!:

  • I’ve been hearing Tumblr-ers say that eating healthy is hard because whole foods and produce are expensive. This can be true, but it really really doesn’t have to be. I’m preparing a post on how and why eating healthier is not expensive at all and can be cheaper too!
  • Clean and DELICIOUS recipes (black bean & sweet potato patties, smoothies, and more!)
  • More GIFs on awesome, healthy foods
  • Why lifting/building muscle is superrr effective for losing weight BODY FAT and why girls really should not be deterred from it :)

Have more ideas? Feel free to leave suggestions in my Ask box :)

PS. Hello & thank you, new followers (and visiters!) Thanks for all your encouragement.  I really love the health & fitness community on Tumblr. It’s so positive and motivational :)