Hi everyone!

It’s been a LONG TIME. I just made a "Health Snack Ideas" post! :)

I’m sad to say I’ve really dropped off from my healthy eating/exercising track since I first made this blog. I would say my overall diet and exercise frequency has improved, BUT I’m determined to get back on track! 

I’ll be posting my favorite snack recipes and updates on my personal progress. I hope we can all encourage and motivate each other to meet our goals and develop healthier lifestyles in this new year :)

reblogged some old gifs that i totally forgot i made…

seems like i need to revive this blog…clearly ive disappeared for too long x.x

some new post ideas:

  • almonds
  • tea
  • vitamin d
  • vitamin b
  • tips and motivational quotes :)

message me post suggestions if you have any! :)

omg. so I really disappeared for a long time because of school. 

but I’d really like to start updating again!

if you have any suggestions for the next GIFs/posts I make, reply to this or send me a message!

stay healthy everyone. and remember it’s about being healthy mentally and physically :) <3